Farmers are at the centre of our concept. Because they are the ones who have been caring for our nature since the beginning of time, who are gigantically committed and yet rarely receive the necessary appreciation. Some support us with great passion simply because they think it is finally going in the right direction. While the global advertising market rakes in the highest sums, responsible farmers often see themselves at the lower end of appreciation. We want to change that!

While a hectare of maize cultivation brings in a narrow margin that is oriented towards the price dictation of the agricultural market, plant-based commercial cultivation - even if only temporarily - can open up entirely new opportunities:

You can work with us ...

  • offer your fields for advertising cultivation and/or
  • Grow logos with our know-how as a GEOXIP service provider

In any case, we involve you fairly in the joint project and always let you contribute your own ideas and suggestions.

GEOXIP farmer advertising cultivation in the field
GEOXIP farmer George advertising cultivation in the field


Briefly to the point:

Field advertising, FieldAds: hands and bee,FieldAds with wildflowers (or e.g. old seed mixtures, ancient grains, etc.) bring farmers a more than fair return and a real chance for a rethink, so that they can clearly prefer field advertising including BIO and a return to the value of nature over sprayed monoculture.

Our info sheet for farmers as pdf: a4_folder_landwirt101_web.pdf


You are a farmer and want to register? Let's go.

Your registration is free of charge and without obligation. We will contact you if we can implement a joint project for you.

    Interest in:

    GEOXIP farmer in the field, Ipad GPS measurement, sunset
    GEOXIP farmer Malin during project planning: measuring the corner points of a field advertisement in the district of Freising.

    Sideline for farmers, BIO, sustainable

    Make field available for sustainable advertising cultivation

    As a farmer, you may be used to working with very tight margins and having to achieve a certain monetary value per hectare through hard work and risk. Our start-up GEOXIP now offers you the opportunity to temporarily use your field for sustainable commercial farming. This can be for an entire season or for a short period in between. You are also welcome to use your field when it is not being used for cultivation, e.g. in winter. In our GEOXIP online platform, you can simply post your fields and your interest in advertising cultivation free of charge. We will then place orders for sustainable advertising cultivation on the fields and may even be able to pay you far more than what you would earn with normal cultivation. However, it is not only about money, but above all about fairness and sustainability. What you produce in your field is also a sign for a good cause. For mindfulness towards farmers and more respect and appreciation towards our nature. Our sustainable logo cultivation on fields is therefore not only geared to the wishes of our customers, but we also put the interests of the farmers and ecological standards in the foreground. Thus, field advertising can also be implemented with intermediate flowering plants, winter greenery or a colourful bee pasture. Without fertilisation and without pesticides. And economically! All you have to do is let us know that you are interested in a cooperation. To be there at the start. If you place an order, it's a perfect win-win. For you as a farmer. And for the advertising company, which, in addition to drawing a lot of attention to sustainability, can also do green storytelling in your field.

    Which fields are suitable for field advertising?

    One might think that only creamy plots of land are suitable for GPS-based field advertising, e.g. fields directly in the area of an airport runway or in the prominent viewing area of a motorway. However, reality has taught us otherwise.