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Sustainable field advertising for advertising agencies

How the advertising budget is distributed, what attention and what margin it brings, has been set in cement for the last few years. The trend is online. And otherwise?

Ah yes, out there would be the real world, our environment, nature, the true interest of customers for real values and sustainability. At the same time, there is more and more rejection, clicking away and resistance to advertising. Nevertheless and even more so, your customers want to reach the buyers and walk the path - if possible sustainably - together with them. Your chance!

You can offer a real highlight with our plant-based advertising cultivation. Sustainable. Honest. Direct.

  • GPS organic commercial cultivation with real plants
  • purely vegetable, unfertilised, without pesticides, without printing inks, without chemicals
  • Colourful - how nature blooms
  • sustainable, can be used as organic fodder in the end
  • Extremely high attention factor
  • clear, sustainable message
  • CO2-neutral
  • Can also be used for a sustainable corporate image (photo/video documentation, on-site interviews, green storytelling).
  • Areas from 0.5 ha to 20 ha
  • global
  • Currently also pilot projects, special conditions and research projects possible
  • Fair margin for you

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Would you like to work with GEOXIP as an advertising agency and offer your clients sustainable advertising cultivation? Let's go, we are looking forward to it!

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    Malin during the GPS survey with the GEOXIP app for a field advertisement in the approach corridor of Munich Airport.


    Field advertising: Advertising budget for sustainability

    As an advertising agency, you are probably aware of your clients' desire to spend part of their advertising budget on sustainability or sustainable green campaigns. Why not offer your clients green and sustainable field advertising? At GEOXIP, our experience in GPS-controlled plant cultivation makes us the perfect match for our clients' desire for sustainability and responsibility towards the environment. For us, GPS-controlled field advertising means: growing customer logos/brnadings with real plants and giving nature a space. Not green-washing. But real field advertising with your client's branding. And much more: Green field advertising is something that changes every day. It is real storytelling and your client will like it. What is possible is decided by nature and our experience in GPS-based logo cultivation.

    Field advertising: Brandings on large fields

    As a marketing agency, you can offer medium-sized companies a sustainable and spectacular form of advertising in fields and meadows with GEOXIP. Brandings with flowers, logos between beehives. Green and sustainable advertising is exactly what customers want.

    GPS mowed advertising

    XXL advertising in nature is spectacular and ephemeral. That's exactly what your customers want from you. To set a message that fits our time, is green and sustainable. Planted and natural. Close. We at GEOXIP mow GPS-controlled customer logos and brandings into meadows and fields in high-contrast. Even in the middle of an airport approach path. We maintain the fields regularly. The achieved accuracy of our GPS-controlled mowing machines is approx. 5.5 cm. GPS controlled field advertising can be huge on the areas of our GEOXIP farmers. Everything is possible: from 1-30 HA and more. For the layman: 1 HA is 10,000 square metres. The AUDI logo we made in the approach corridor of Munich Airport had about 91,000 square metres with "Welcome to BavarIAA" lettering.

    Sown advertising in fields and meadows

    It becomes really green and suitable for storytelling in terms of sustainability when we can also sow or plant the logo of your customers. With yellow rape, red moonflowers, blue lupines, or simply as a bute bee pasture.

    Sustainable storytelling

    Many of your clients will want you to do green storytelling across all social media channels in addition to sustainable advertising. And this is where our field advertising delivers incredible backdrops, growth and change literally every day. You can be there yourself and keep gaining new material for sustainable campaigns throughout the sustainable advertising phase. Or you can simply leave it to us to regularly deliver drone videos, photo series of green advertising and expert texts with competent nature information. Your customers will be thrilled. What you can offer them changes nature. And the image. Attention factor: High. Honesty factor: 100%. Customer interest: Guaranteed.

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