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As an advertising agency, you can be the absolute first mover for clients in the field of sustainable field advertising. In addition to pure impressions, you offer interested customer communication, sustainable ads, sustainable SEO and leads from XXXL eco-advertising as well as sustainable storytelling for your customers. Sustainable CRM offers you a large margin because it really makes sense and is not only fully in line with the trend, but also accompanies a real transformation to a sustainable company presence.

What can I earn?

Showing sustainability is very trendy. With our field advertising, you can offer your customer spectacular storytelling for customer relations in the field of sustainability in an absolute XXXL format. As a GEOXIP partner, we offer you 3 models with maximum degrees of freedom.

1. commission model

You will receive a percentage commission for the placement of our sustainable field advertising. We at GEOXIP take care of everything else. There are no costs for you. You earn in the event of success.

2. commissioned work

At GEOXIP, we support you right from the start in offering your customers sustainable field advertising and implementing it with our help. You bill your customer yourself and determine your own margin on top of that. We charge a (small) nominal fee for support in concrete project planning and quotation preparation.

3. affiliate

You would like to recommend a new client or agency? Gladly. In case of success, you will receive a small margin based on the value of the order.

Which fields are useful?

Sustainable storytelling with field advertising: Which fields go?

In the beginning, we thought that high-traffic fields in flight paths, along motorways or ICE routes were the exclusive business model for landscape advertising (analogue digital impressions and actions). Today, we know that many companies primarily want to pursue sustainable storytelling and reach and pick up customers regularly via social media. Our GPS-seeded advertising cultivation offers spectacular motifs every week and constantly new "growing" content. (e.g. drone videos measuring, GPS sowing, first emerging seeds, growth, colour change of plants/weather, growing branding in nature - constantly changing motifs and eco-content). In addition to premium fields in various fly-in lanes, "normal" fields in the region are therefore also perfect for sustainable storytelling and for the continuous and unlimited production of material for social media. Already with the sowing you can offer your client spectacular and photo and video sessions almost daily for e.g. at least 3 months, as well as a stage for client events, board photo shoots, press material and much more. Sponsorships with GEOXIP beekeepers etc. also produce truly sustainable "handouts".

We also keep many fields in prime locations (international airports etc.), which are available with short lead times.

What does field advertising cost?

What does field advertising cost?

Many factors determine the price structure: location, size of the field, duration, reseeding, complexity of the logo, how many colours, which seed, does it have to be sown in the previous year or can it be sown in the current year? Technical planning, implementation, sowing, insurance and maintenance have their price. Which/ how many colours/ which seeds should it contain? Does it have to be sown in the previous year or can it be sown in the current year?

Field advertising starts at approx. 25,000 EUR + for an area of 1 HA (= 10,000 square metres or 100 x 100 metres) for 1 full year. Up to 3 periods per year are conceivable (spring-summer, summer-autumn, winter period with structural visibility).

So if you compare sustainable field advertising with all its storytelling possibilities to a prominent newspaper ad (e.g. 70,000 EUR) or an airport banner ad (e.g. 840,000 EUR), you can offer your customers far more than just comparable impressions. Every photo/video post on social media will trigger a measurable and high-profile interaction with customers that one can only wish for in other media.

We cultivate fields up to approx. 5 HA (50,000 square metres) semi-automatically, larger fields up to 100 HA fully automatically. Accordingly, the costs do not necessarily increase linearly with the size. By the way: For small advertising spaces (still XXL) such as on golf courses/ marathons/ football/ asphalt surfaces/ ski slopes etc. we also offer GPS-controlled eco-chalk outdoor printing from approx. 3,500 EUR.

Where do we offer field advertising?

Where do we offer field advertising?

Field advertising is globally scalable. At the moment we are ad. Hoc. on call in Germany, Austria, Northern Italy, France and Switzerland. With our GEOXIP partners we can cover other countries.

When does field advertising blossom?

When does field advertising flourish? When does field advertising go?

Right from the start: not that important. Because: Field advertising is, as I said, an absolutely sustainable and emotionally connecting form of advertising. Rapeseed, for example, is in full bloom for 14 days, depending on the weather, and triggers a WOW effect in viewers even as a completely normal field without any message. Other yellow-flowering plants such as mustard seed are not quite as spectacular, but are bee favourites over a much longer flowering phase. Visibility and interest (and storytelling for social media) is generated by a GPS logo seed shortly after germination. The brand message of sustainability including storytelling thus extends over a much longer period of time, up to almost a year and beyond (then with regular contour maintenance). The flower (e.g. in corporate colours) is then merely the highlight. And here, too, every day provides a new perspective (sun, clouds, rain, haze, fog, lighting conditions, events in the field, meet and greet, etc.).

Simplified flowering calendar for sustainable logo cultivation

GEOXIP Simplified Flowering Calendar
GEOXIP Simplified flowering calendar, areas: Possible flowering window, Bar: Possible sowing window

Example autumn cultivation - autumn/winter logo, new cultivation with wildflower mix or bee pasture in spring


What colours are there?

Nature knows many colours, but no CI with standardised colour scales. Your client must therefore be prepared to forego exact CI colour values in favour of genuine sustainable advertising and the associated customer contact, and at least give nature a little free rein when it comes to colouring. This is precisely where opinions will differ. Customers are familiar with the colourful company logo on a FIFA wall, even in monocrome or other colours. And customers will also enthusiastically accept the colours of wildflowers... if your customer goes this way.

What we can do: Monochrome, two-color, three-color (elaborate). Green (extremely extensive green palette). Yellow/ Orange (extensive). White (subtle), magenta/ red (extensive), purple/ violet (tends to be expensive), blue (e.g. phacelia, lupine). Wintergreen, structural seed (winter/ snow).

Regrowing branding in fields with red clover, rape, lupins, bees and butterflies, GEOXIP
RGB as in printing: Nature has many hues, far more than many a standard colour palette.

What are the techniques?

What are the field advertising techniques?

We do everything from GPS ploughing, GPS grouping, coloured GPS logo seeding, GPS logo mowing/ GPS step mowing. GPS logo undersowing (e.g. clover in a wheat field, suddenly company logo after warning). GPS blowing on desert sand or on the beach as well as GPS polishing on the ski slope are possible with our technology. There are almost no limits to new ideas, creativity and the customer's very own story. And that is exactly why field advertising will firmly establish itself as a sustainable and extremely creative advertising medium with meaningful storytelling.

Fields up to approx. 5 HA (50,000 square metres) are partially automated, larger fields up to 100 HA are fully automated. Accordingly, the costs do not necessarily increase linearly with the size.

Start-up times? Lead times?

Field advertising: Seeding times? Lead times?

Nature is not a Google campaign, because nature grows bit by bit depending on weather conditions. GPS-based logo seeding works best between the months of March and max. September. Depending on the weather (rain, warmth), germinating logo seeds can already be seen and documented after 1 week. Different colours (plants) have different sowing windows. If you want to keep to these, you have to plan up to a year in advance (e.g. rape sowing in summer for the coming year). Nevertheless, extremely short-term actions with a few weeks' lead time are also conceivable, e.g. green sowing, clover, GPS ploughing, GPS mowing, etc.

Why is there/was there no field advertising so far?

Why is there/was there no field advertising so far?

Company founder Dipl.-Ing. Univ. Christian Seebauer already had the idea for GPS-controlled field advertising 30 years ago during his diploma thesis (GPS use in modern agricultural technology). The temporary use of land for sustainable logo cultivation is obvious and also fair. This is because it now brings farmers with tight margins closer to corporations with large advertising budgets, which in turn gain a great deal of benefit through agricultural advertising space. For many years, technology was not advanced enough. This has changed. And yet "field advertising" already existed, for example in the form of the Nazca lines, among the ancient Paracas cultures in Peru around 800 B.C. So field advertising is nothing new per se, but the further development of meaningful messages in and in harmony with nature.
On the online platform of GEOXIP we bring farmers and companies together (also through their agencies)!

How much CO2 does field advertising bind?

How much CO2 does field advertising bind?

With our GPS-controlled field advertising, the planting of forest (different trees/ different greenery) would also be conceivable. Here one can then speak of real CO2 binding. The CO2 sequestration of agricultural land, on the other hand, is controversial. Because: a field does bind a clearly calculable amount of CO2, but depending on how it is used (cattle feed, etc.) it also releases it back into the atmosphere. And even without field advertising, something might have been grown in the field. Nevertheless, field advertising - if it is designed appropriately (no fertilisation, no pesticides, appropriate plant selection, ploughing under, etc.) - can contribute to the permanent formation of humus in the soil and thus permanently bind more CO2 and save on fertilisers.

"For farmers, this property of the soil could become even more important in the future. Especially if there are to be prices for CO2 emissions in the future. Then the possibility of increasing CO2 storage in agricultural land would also have to be given a price tag.

Namely as a credit for the farmer. These credits could then be sold as allowances on the exchange or counted against farm emissions." Source: https://www.agrarheute.com/management/betriebsfuehrung/co2-bilanzen-agrarboden-klima-schuetzt-554240

"The more humus is stored in the soil, the more our atmosphere is relieved of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.", Source: https://www.bayerischerbauernverband.de/themen/landwirtschaft-umwelt/klimaschutz-humus-auf-bayerischen-feldern-bietet-riesiges-potenzial

"...the cultivation of perennial crops such as clover grass or lucerne, which are harvested over two or three years, contributes to the enrichment of humus. This is because the longer growth period allows the plants to develop a significantly larger root system than annual crops. And just dying root material is considered an important starting product for the formation of new humus." (...) "The amount of carbon stored depends not only on the soil type but also on how an area is used. While arable soils store an average of about 95 tonnes of carbon per hectare, permanent grassland stores an average of 181 tonnes per hectare" Source: https://www.landwirtschaft.de/landwirtschaft-verstehen/wie-funktioniert-landwirtschaft-heute/wie-viel-co2-binden-landwirtschaftliche-boeden

Do large campaigns and many fields go at the same time?

Does field advertising work with several fields at the same time?

Yes, together with our GEOXIP farmers and machinery ring partners we can offer almost any field area for your customers. Even campaigns along motorways with e.g. 50-100 fields at the same time can be implemented.

What accuracy/resolution does field advertising achieve?

What accuracy/resolution does field advertising achieve?

Das hängt von der jeweiligen Technik ab. Für die AUDI-Werbung “Welcome to BavarianIAA” zur IAA Mobility haben wir beispielsweise eine Detailgenauigkeit von 4,5 cm in Spurrichtung und eine Detailgenauigkeit von 6,5 cm Fahrtrichtung erreicht (auf einem Feld 10 HA / 100.000 Quadratmetern und einem Schriftspur-Vektorumfang von 11,7 Kilometern). Bei mittelschnellen Drohnenüberflügen in Höhe von z.B. 70m ist eine Fehlerabweichung von 15cm sichtbar und eine Fehlerabweichung von >35cm bereits störend. Herkömmliche GPS-Saat mit on-the-drive Genauigkeiten (15cm in der Spur, >60cm indrive) sind hierfür auf Feldern <20HA nicht ausreichend.

GEOXIP Element &quot;join in&quot;, farmers

Normal and less complex brandings can be added to standard areas of approx. 2-5 HA. Please feel free to ask us about project planning. We will help you!

Sustainable SEO?

Sustainable SEO

If you want to offer your customer real SEO added value (which is often not so easy anymore), then you should consider "Sustainable SEO". And not (only) with metatags, but with real Sustainable Content Content. Here you are - together with us globally - the absolute first mover in terms of sustainable field advertising! The Sustainable Content you create in the field is almost inexhaustible - in terms of content and quantity. And even better: Sustainable Content in the field of Field Ads is also new, new, new for Google. With good posts and tags, photos and videos, you can put your client in the sustainable key pole position and highlight your own service as a sustainable expert.

Is GEOXIP itself a marketing agency?

No. Because this is exactly YOUR field of expertise! We bring farmers (with their land) and your customers (looking for land) together in your interest. (Commission model/ contract work/ affiliate... see also: What can I earn?). And we "print" flowering advertising on it with real seeds - just like the print shop you trust. Besides, we provide you and your customer with a blatantly sustainable XXXL advertising stage. So much bigger and much greener than your print shop can do.

PS: Are you a printer yourself? Then our portfolio might be just right for you.

What is the competitive situation?

As of 02/2022, you can still become a first mover and offer what your competitors may not have on their radar for a long time. The masses are still running towards standardised digital online campaigns. At the same time, less and less honest content is being played out. The connection to the "real world and nature" has long been lost in campaigns and banners. Customers can thus only be reached by constantly pushing profiling and more effective tracking (micro-targeting) to the extreme. "Break these Rules. Offer your customers real answers about sustainability, tracking and data protection. Act and act fairly and give your customers access to real Sustainable Interaction. We are real! You can meet us at GEOXIP in person at any time, talk to us and successfully implement projects in person.

Can I join GEOXIP?

Yes and no. We founded our start-up in the middle of Corona, did everything ourselves, incorporated without any outside capital and immediately received our first orders without even having a finished business plan. We just do it and don't stop. For us, jumping on means on the fly. And the sympathy must also be right. But clearly: If you can contribute something and we can all be much faster with your help, then become part of us, e.g. as a real shareholder, even in the middle of the start-up phase. Risk: Total loss. Chance: Global Scaling. Be part of it.
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