AUDI logo on a 91,000 square metre field at the IAA MOBILITY 2021

AUDI logo on a 91,000 square metre field at the IAA MOBILITY 2021

Sustainable field advertising: AUDI logo on a 91,000 square metre field for the IAA MOBILITY 2021. Munich Airport approach corridor.

GEOXIP AG: Sustainable field advertising for the IAA MOBILITY 2021 in the approach corridor/ runway of Munich Airport. AUDI rings and lettering "Welcome to BavarIAA".

The two people you can guess as tiny dots on the field show the gigantic scale of the welcome message to the IAA MOBILITY 2021 in Munich's approach corridor. The field has dimensions of 91,000 (!) square metres, i.e. 9.1 hectares. The scaled logo of the AUDI rings and the lettering "Welcome to BavarIAA" are only slightly smaller. The error tolerance during GPS ploughing was below 4.5 centimetres for the first time. In order to give the lettering and logo an authentic texture, the image on the field was not simply ploughed using GPS pixel control, but was modelled on the natural flow of writing. This makes this sustainable field advertising - similar to an artist's brushstroke - look particularly real and flowing.

Special emphasis was placed on not disturbing the farmer's natural process, but on creating real and sustainable added value for the farmer during the natural cultivation phase. A field advertisement like this can - if desired - also be GPS-seeded, e.g. with a sustainable bee pasture and numerous early and late bloomers.

Field advertising with Phacelia blue purple bee pasture38
Field advertising with Phacelia blue-violet: selectivity and error tolerance are in the centimeter range with organic cultivation and complete abandonment of chemical spraying
GEOXIP bee pasture with blue flowers
There may be "weeds" mixed in: GEOXIP field advertising with phacelia and wildflower weed mix: Natural color pigments that bees and insects love
GEOXIP bee pasture with blue flowers
Field advertising: Nature sets the pace and not the CI or marketing guidelines. That's exactly what customers feel out there. Our field advertising is real!

Field advertising:

"If it takes you half an hour to go around ...

when you feel that it is sustainable and ephemeral at the same time....

then you are one with your nature.

Video field advertising for the IAA MOBILITY 2021

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Farmer Malin with Ipad
Right back there. Farmer Malin measuring a GPS field branding/sustainable field advertising.


What connects us?

The realisation that there can be no more "business as usual" and that we have to set our message honestly and sustainably in the here and now. That we don't trust CI and rigid design specifications, but the "weather god" and organic farmers. Speaking of trust: Your customers do too.

We at GEOXIP are anything but perfect. We set you limits because nature wants it that way. We don't bend because a corporation wants it that way. We stand for a fair win-win.