GEOXIP Landwirtin Feldwerbung
GEOXIP Öko-Feldwerbung im Schnee
Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Feldwerbung Making of
GEOXIP AG: Nachhaltige Feldwerbung zur IAA MOBILITY 2021 in der Einflugschneise/ Startbahn Flughafen München. AUDI Ringe und Schriftzug "Welcome to BavarIAA"
Blaue Lupine, GEOXIP Feldwerbung
GEOXIP Logo am Feld
Biowerbung auf einem Feld mit Schnee im Winter in der Einflugschneise Flughafen München, sustainable ads, Feldwerbung
Feldwerbung mit Phazelia blau violett Bienenweide38
GEOXIP Landwirt Werbeanbau am Feld
GEOXIP Landwirtin am Feld, Ipad GPS Vermessung, Sonnenuntergang
Nachwachsendes Branding auf Feldern mit rotem Klee, Bienen, GEOXIP
GEOXIP Landwirtin am Feld, Ipad GPS Vermessung, Sonnenuntergang


Sustainable. Spectacular. Logo cultivation with flowers in fields.

We seed your logo: Sustainable. Large areas of up to 120 hectares. Colorful flowering and with beehives in the middle. Green storytelling for your company. A break for nature. And a fair chance for our GEOXIP farmers. Here we go.

Regrowing branding in fields with red clover, rape, lupins, bees and butterflies, GEOXIP
Renewable brandings in fields, e.g. with red clover, rape, lupins, bees and butterflies, GEOXIP AG



Company logo in the field, this is what your company logo with rape could look like.
We sow your logo. GEOXIP AG demo field in Bavaria in the Munich Airport approach corridor. Your company logo could look like this with rape. GPS advertising cultivation on fields.

Field advertising. Become part of it.

Become a GEOXIP farmer: Offer fields. Take over logo cultivation.
GEOXIP farmer
Invest and be part of it: Become a start-up shareholder with us


Field advertising: GPS-controlled logo cultivation with renewable plants

A break for nature. No fertilisation. No pesticides. No sprayed-on colours. Instead, real plants, the way nature lets them grow and bees love them. These are strong arguments for your business if you want to be sustainable and show it to others.

And these are also strong arguments for our GEOXIP farmers, who get a fair share of our projects with their fields or services. Our concept offers a breather for nature and real opportunities for our farmers.

Our techniques include GPS-guided crop cultivation as well as tilling, GPS mowing and GPS-based blowing techniques. This means that even a mown field with a step cut can still add real value and show contours even with snow.

Values for nature. Dare to take the first step towards change. Show that you don't care about corporate guidelines like RAL colours, but that you give nature and farmers the value they deserve. Let's go.

Sustainable logo cultivation in fields



GEOXIP field advertising for the IAA Mobility Exhibition in Munich 2021

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