Magenta Blossom Feld- und Wildblumen #greenmagenta #telekom #nachhaltigkeit #forschungsprojekt #geoxip
GEOXIP AG: Nachhaltige Feldwerbung zur IAA MOBILITY 2021 in der Einflugschneise/ Startbahn Flughafen München. AUDI Ringe und Schriftzug "Welcome to BavarIAA"
GEOXIP Logo am Feld
NEXT LANDING: DREAMJOB. als Bodenbild, Ansaat mit Feld- und Wildblumen
Mitarbeiter im Startup GEOXIP
Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Feldwerbung Making of
GEOXIP Öko-Feldwerbung im Schnee
Stella von GEOXIP vor einem Traktor
Fieldads/Feldwerbung: Dein Feld mit Wildblumen, FieldAds für die Natur
Lufthansa Group Geoglyphe im Regen
Biowerbung auf einem Feld mit Schnee im Winter in der Einflugschneise Flughafen München, sustainable ads, Feldwerbung
Nachhaltigkeit in der Aussenwerbung durch GEOXIP HighTech
GEOXIP Landwirtin Feldwerbung
Die GEOXIP AG auf der Gründermesse Startup Demo Night in München 2022
Teilnehmerin auf der Magenta Blossom Wanderung durch das Bodenbild der Telekom mit einem GEOXIP TShirt
Feldwerbung so groß wie ein ganzes Dorf: Telekom Blumen am Feld
GEOXIP Bodenbild magentablossom für die Deutsche Telekom
Lufthansa Group Geoglyphe nach der Ansaat. Aufnahme des Bodenbilds von unten bei Sonnenuntergang
GEOXIP Bodenbild magentablossom für die Deutsche Telekom
Blaue Lupine, GEOXIP Feldwerbung
Drohnenaufnahme einer Feldwerbung mit Feld- und Wildblumen (Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Dachau eG./ GEOXIP)
GEOXIP Landwirtin am Feld, Ipad GPS Vermessung, Sonnenuntergang
Feldwerbung mit Phazelia blau violett Bienenweide38
Sonnenaufgang am Bodenbild der LufthansaGroup Feldwerbung in der Einflugschneise Flughafen München
GEOXIP Landwirt Werbeanbau am Feld
GEOXIP Landwirtin am Feld, Ipad GPS Vermessung, Sonnenuntergang
Nesselblättrige Glockenblume


We make sustainability visible:

Field ads: we sow your logo colorful with flowers and wildflowers

Christian Seebauer is founder of the startup GEOXIP AG, which makes biological field advertising / field ads and develops the technology for logo seeding like VectorSeed

Our "ink" are multicolored flowering plants and native wildflower mixtures. Our stage is nature. On fields between 5-100 hectares we bring back unimagined biodiversity with our wildflower logos. Companies become real nature sponsors and present themselves climate and environment friendly in XXXL.

Field advertising / field ads: renewable branding on fields with red clover, rapeseed, lupines, bees and butterflies, GEOXIP. Field advertising in the colors of nature with flowers and wildflowers, climate neutral outdoor advertising.
Field ads are available in the many colors of nature and also as wildflower mixtures


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We make your field ads grow

Every day, wildflowers conjure up new and spectacular motifs, colors and life on your advertising space. We make your commitment to sustainability visible, tangible, experienceable and walkable. Real impact. Honest action. Gladly accompanied by beehives and university support.

Branding cultivation in fields with various wildflowers: FieldAds, field advertising, wildflowers, flowering strips, largest flowering strip in the world, sustainable advertising
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Logo seeding with native wildflowers

Icon "Tractor" for cultivation and maintenance of field advertising / field advertising / field ads for sustainable outdoor advertising. Cultivation of logo in fields, brnading and planting logos in fields.
We develop special VectorSeed® technology and sow with it your logo and message as a ground picture. Also with wildflowers. 5 to 100 hectares (7 to 140 soccer fields) are possible. 

4k drone documentation

Symbol image drone for field advertising, FieldAds: document sustainability with drone videos, CSR reporting obligation, sustainability report, sustainable outdoor advertising, large area advertising on fields, logo on the field
With regular drone videos, we gain high-quality media material for you from the entire period of your field advertising. Your field offers almost daily sustainable material and real content for all channels.


Field ad maintenance: contour reseeding, reseeding and service for maintenance of seeded ground images, field ads is a sustainable form of advertising for businesses
Over the entire period, we and our GEOXIP farmers maintain your field advertising. Thus, we also make long-term projects over several years possible and bring back unimagined biodiversity on these fields.

Individual sustainability concept

Field advertising is an individual sustainability concept: sustainability report and CSR: field advertising, save soil, return of biodiversity and species diversity, CO2 certificates, CO2 trading, CO2 sequestration
We'll help you showcase sustainability in the best way possible: e.g., beehives, your own honey, walkable wildflower nature trails, wild plant segment signage, and more. Request info ->

Sustainability Report

Field ads bind CO2, FieldAds: CO2 certificate, humus and biodiversity, wildflowers, deep roots, promote biodiversity, climate change,
Your wildflower logo promotes biodiversity, native wildflowers and abundant wildlife. You improve the soil, bind CO2 and nitrogen. Field advertising makes your commitment visible.

Large field selection

Find fields for field advertising and fieldads: Sustainable advertising, CSR reports, Sustainability report, Sustainability ideas.
Together with our GEOXIP farmers, our field database offers a comprehensive selection of available fields. We also hold VIP fields in fly-in corridors.

Field advertising means: bees, butterflies, insects. Soil improvement and sustainability, CO2 saving, CO2 bonding. Photos with beekeepers, beehives, logo cultivation of companies, wildflowers.  


GEOXIP farmer Lisa (iconic image) is passionate about field advertising / FieldAds and would like to get companies to plant her fields with wildflowers. Then she can do without spraying and fertilizing

+49 8139/ 99 45 38

For companies | Agencies | For farmers | For ecologically interested Investors and small investors  

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Be part of it yourself: Become a shareholder of our Green Start up

Our concept is coherent and inspires you? Then join us and become a start-up shareholder! We all bring back bees, butterflies and wild plants and make nature the big stage. We do good and see the chance to make a difference together, to be part of it. Read more ->


GEOXIP field ads for the IAA

More on field advertising for the IAA MOBILITY 2021 in the Munich approach corridor ->

Sustainable advertising in XXL format:

Logo cultivation with flowers in fields

We are a company specialized in large-scale GPS logo cultivation in the north of Munich. GEOXIP sows logos on fields. The result is flowering messages in all colors, in neon yellow rapeseed, blue-purple Phacelia, clover-red or even motley as a wildflower mix. Over weeks and months, nature conjures up a scenario filled with life for your sustainable corporate image on the field.

Our sustainable large-scale advertising is not only a spectacular eye-catcher with a wow effect, it also brings our customers consistently green storytelling on all social media channels.

Our GPS-sown advertising cultivation offers you regularly spectacular motifs for sustainability and constantly new "growing" content. (Drone videos of GPS sowing, first rising seeds, growth, color change plants/weather, growing branding in nature - changing motifs and eco-content track).

Already with the sowing you can gain spectacular photo and video sessions almost daily for at least three months. We document the entire growth process and provide our advertising partners with regular green content throughout the entire project period.

Field areas in all sizes (10 - 150 hectares) and all locations (flight paths, highways ...) are available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We take care of the process and maintenance of the field.

Pure sustainability at fair prices - field advertising with real plants can be priced well below normal outdoor advertising.

Your GEOXIP outdoor advertising makes ecological sense, binds more CO2 than conventional farming, promotes plant diversity, insect diversity and social fairness (CSR reporting).

Illustration of a field advertising "Your advertising sown". Seeded advertisement with flowers on a large field, visible with Google Earth.
Field advertising illustration "Your advertising sown" in the approach corridor Munich Airport, brandings and slogans sustainable and environmentally friendly with flowers sown on an agricultural field.

Sustainable investment: High-tech eco startup. Shareholder. Investor Green Startup. Green Crowdfunding.

Founded in the summer of 2021, GEOXIP AG is a high-tech eco-start-up in the north of Munich that aims to bring the opportunities of sustainability to the forefront. With the development of high-precision Vector-Seed® processes, we can plant logos with colorful wildflowers and unmatched BIO diversity for customers, offering them a solution on the path to true sustainability.

Invest sustainably and green directly in a start up now
Invest sustainably and green directly in a start up now

GEOXIP's yield model is based on the difference between the high budgets of the advertising industry and the low costs of agriculture that can be achieved through patentable precision technology. The yield value of land used for "advertising cultivation" can be 40 times higher than the usual yield value for agricultural use. This opens up opportunities for organic farming and fair returns. You can be part of it, set an example and become a shareholder:

  • The concept of "plant advertising cultivation" is easy for everyone to understand
  • The potential gap between the advertising industry and agricultural yield is high
  • You can meet the founding team in person at any time
  • Our concept is innovative, fair and sustainable
  • High-tech development for precision farming in the service of sustainability
  • You can become a shareholder for as little as EUR 3,000 and be involved (almost) from the very beginning.
  • You can see our field ad projects in person at any time and also join in.
  • You know where and in what you invest and that you can make a difference with it
  • You can also work with us as a farmer or agency/company

Moving sustainable visions. We are looking forward to meeting you.

GEOXIP Field Ads Field Ads

GEOXIP - Investing in sustainability and Bavarian start-ups
Sustainable investment. Green start-up in Bavaria. High tech. GEOXIP brings farmers and industry together with sustainable field advertising.

Sustainable Crowdfunding. Invest. Buy shares in a sustainable start-up.

Be part of it. Make a difference. Become a shareholder. Invest in sustainability and our Bavarian start-up. Visions go green. "There are often not many opportunities in life for a meaningful and committed investment of your choice." GEOXIP AG is a Bavarian startup that wants to bring sustainability to the forefront with high-tech. With GPS-controlled plant advertising cultivation, we temporarily transform agricultural land into flourishing advertising space - sustainable, globally scalable. GEOXIP's revenue model is based on the difference between advertising and agricultural yields ...
Opportunity for advertising agencies and their clients: Offer sustainable field advertising
A young woman farmer in the field with a tablet planning a sustainable field campaign

Sustainable advertising budget? Sustainable field advertising for advertising agencies

Sustainable field advertising for advertising agencies How the green advertising budget is distributed, what attention and what margin it brings, has been set in stone for the last few years. Trend online. And otherwise? Ah yes, there would still be the real world out there, our environment, nature, the true interest of customers/clients for real values and sustainability and the opportunity. At the same time, there is more and more rejection, clicking away and resistance to advertising. Nevertheless, and even more so, your clients/ customers want to reach the buyers/ customers and to find the way - if possible sustainably ...
GEOXIP organic advertising cultivation. Female farmer in a field at sunset. Ipad
Companies benefit from sustainable advertising if it is real and reaches customers. e.g. field advertising with real plants. The photo shows a young GEOXIP farmer with GPS software in the sunset.

Sustainable XXL advertising and green storytelling for environmentally conscious companies

GPS-based advertising cultivation for sustainably oriented companies: We sow your logo in the field. Sustainable advertising message with impact and real plants. Storytelling go green. You want to use your advertising budget in a mega-effective and sustainable way and show that you are close to our world and the ideas of your customers? Then it's not just click rates and conversions that count, but visible interactions with our world. Fair. Green. And fault-tolerant. In other words: natural blooms must be more important to you than standardised RAL colours and CI. Your logo needs to: Grow. Blossom. Wither. Benefit. With sustainable field advertising, companies can present their responsibly green side and reach customers emotionally.
GEOXIP farmer advertising cultivation in the wheat field
GEOXIP farmer Georg in his wheat field. Sustainable field advertising is now grown here. Bees are allowed to fly completely without pesticides.

Sustainable sideline and earning opportunity for farmers: Join GEOXIP's field advertising campaign

Farmers. Farmers are at the centre of our concept. Because they are the ones who have been caring for our nature since time immemorial, who are gigantically committed and yet rarely receive the necessary appreciation. Some support us with great passion simply because they think it is finally going in the right direction. While the global advertising market brings in the highest sums, responsible farmers often see themselves at the lower end of appreciation. We want to change that! While one hectare of maize cultivation brings in a tightly measured margin, which is (...) . With organic commercial farming, farmers can not only earn well, but also participate in making a real difference in terms of sustainability and appreciation. As a GEOXIP farmer, you benefit directly from ...